R2-D2 Build Log

Jan 20 2007 - A&A Frame Construction

Beginning the structure of the droid.

Feb 3-4 2007 - Progress

Painting Aluminum pieces, polishing and cutting the dome.

Feb 6 2007 - Dome Paint Test

Test fitting the painted dome pieces. Held together by double-sided tape.

Feb 10-11 2007 - Welded and Wired the Dome

Finished Dome Construction. Cold welded the domes together, added panels and wiring.

Mar 24 - 2007 Lots of Updates

Over the past month, I've added the skins, wired the dome, polished the dome and attached various body parts.

Sept 23 2007 - No Updates in a While

Life's been busy, plus not a lot of parts runs lately, so no real updates. Here, i have added the "skirt" and a few other parts.

Sept 29 2007 - Mounting the Dome

Mounted the Rockler bearing, dome drive motor and dome to the body.

Oct 13 2007 - Wood Leg Progress

With advice from Matthew Henricks, I've made progress on sanding, bondo and painting the wooden legs.

October 31 2007 - Leg Build-Up

Finished painting the legs. Beginning to add metal pieces.

December 15 2007 - Legs on!

I FINALLY installed the legs on R2-D2.

January 26 2008 - Feet on!

Painted the outer feet shells and installed them.

January 29 2008 - Third Leg Installed!

R2 can now stand on his own, without support!

February 9 2008 - Battery Boxes, Hoses and Center Wheels

Working on the feet this weekend.

February 16 2008 - Build Complete!

R2 is finished and ready for electronics!